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Agents for the M2 Rain Tanks, Netafim® and Aqua-nova®

Water re-use and treatment systems.
Experts in the treatment of waste water and the collection and redistribution of rain water.


An effective environmentally friendly wastewater treatment process that is safe, clean with usable recycled wastewater all the time. It has a superior treatment process working for you to safeguard your family's health.

The Aqua-nova ® Advantage

Commercial Systems Aqua-nova ®

M2 Rain Tanks

M2 Rain Tank Installations is committed to marketing quality products and delivering the finest workmanship. The team consists of qualified plumbers and electricians, who will ensure that all installations are carried out to the highest standards.

Customer satisfaction will be of utmost importance and ongoing service assured.

At M2 Rain Tank Installations we supply a very large range of rainwater harvesting products which include rainwater tanks, pressure pumps, automatic changeover devices, underground water tanks, level indicators, filters, strainers, first flush systems, leaf eaters and much more.

M2 Rain Tank Installations is an agent for over twelve different rainwater tank manufacturers, including well-known brands like: Polymaster, Nylex, Tankworld, Tankmasta, TeamPoly, Clark Tanks, Water Wall Solutions and more.


Netafim® has launched a new division, re:SOURCE® , within the company to focus on the water re-use market within Australia and New Zealand.

The water re-use market has become a major component of the irrigation industry in recent years and Netafimís new division has products and services specific to its requirements.

Netafim® has extensive experience in water re-use, from domestic systems to the largest of municipal projects using drip irrigation. Products and services are packaged into realistic solutions to suit the most challenging applications.

Municipal water re-use opportunities.
Domestic water re-use opportunities.

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