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Feature Benefit
Non obtrusive and odour free Once installed you wouldn’t know it was there and there are no smells such as those sometimes associated with septic systems
Quality installation assured Installation is carried out by a fully qualified and approved tradesperson, trained by Everhard
Environmentally friendly and safe Sanitised recycled water available for garden irrigation
Two tank system, four stage treatment for maximum safety Multi stage process offers improved treatment. Separate compartments provide security against cross contamination that can occur in one tank systems
Capital gain Recycling system adds value to your home
More Reliable
Total wastewater management All household wastewater can be easily connected to the system provided it is chosen for the appropriate working capacity
Trouble free operation Nothing for the householder to do. All routine maintenance service carried out by trained agents every 3 months. First year free
Fully guaranteed Your system and components carries full Everhard backing and warranty as listed
Domestic and commercial use The Aqua Nova is available for most domestic and light commercial applications and complies with the strict standards set by local authorities and government departments
Tanks approved to Australian Standards Your Everhard septic tanks and collection wells are certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1546-1 by Quality Assurance Services. The QAS certification applies to the construction of the tank, lid, access covers and partition
More Economical
Minimum electricity use The system is designed to use minimum power which means low cost operation and maximum savings for you
Average water saving up to 1200Litres daily Because all your wastewater can be recycled, normal water use is substantially reduced giving you maximum savings
Suits most irrigation systems Your system can be easily fitted to most pumped irrigation equipment

Features Polymer Concrete
Easy to install
Installation by trained personnel
15 year tank warranty
2 year electrical component warranty
Stable under normal UV conditions
Zero maintenance by householder
Trouble-free maintenance by trained agents
Tested to meet accepted treated water quality standards
Riser Systems available for deep sites
Suitable for domestic use
Commercial systems available
Low running costs Polymer Concrete
The Aqua Nova delivers reduced operating costs
Control Panel
Control circuitry is fully pre-programmed for automatic operation and requires no adjustment by the householder. System incorporates overload cut-off circuit breaker, and an alarm for aerator or irrigation pump failure.

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