Aqua-nova ® Commercial Systems

As part of our commitment to providing wholistic environmental solutions to our clients, Everhard Industries Pty Ltd employs a team for the design and construction of sewage treatment plants for commercial, camp site and resort applications.

The unit operations that we employ can include

  • screening,
  • sedimentation,
  • aerobic zones,
  • anaerobic zones,
  • anoxic zones,
  • nutrient removal,
  • clarification
  • filtration,
  • disinfection,
  • odour management,
  • biosolids management,
  • irrigation of treated effluent.
Our systems are designed to the individual needs of our clients. This may include the removal of all principle environmental contaminants including BOD5, suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorous. All systems employ either chlorination and/or UV disinfection for the destruction of pathogens.

Alarm systems can be installed into a system to immediately notify the owner of system faults. These can be linked to automatic paging systems where necessary.

Wastewater treatment plants can be designed for stand alone operation or constructed as part of an ongoing development. Our modular products allow for future expansion and ensure that capital is not wasted during initial development phases.

Further to this we can build additional unit processes for upgrading sewage treatment plants to provide improved effluent quality. This can include algae decomposition, anoxic zones and suspended solids removal.

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