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All state and regional governments of Australia and New Zealand recognise that systems over domestic household size require approval by the state or regional authority. These treatment systems are used in larger single dwelling applications such as commercial applications or multi- dwelling systems.

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The single dwelling systems are used in applications such as schools, resorts, motels, caravan parks, service stations, national parks etc.

The multi dwellings systems or cluster systems are beginning to be recognized as the preferred and most economical method of collecting and transporting partially treated wastewater from up to 1000 dwellings to a treatment facility.

A conventional septic tank provides pretreatment, removing most settleable and floatable solids from the effluent. Specially designed pumps convey the septic tank effluent under pressure through a network of small diameter piping to a treatment site. After treatment typically the effluent is re-used for irrigation as a third pipe system or used in public open space.

Most if not all systems use sub-surface drip irrigation due to the barriers it provides for health risks.

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These two types of systems compared to the traditional municipal wastewater management systems, dealing with the effluent on a community scale provides much more scope for higher treatment and a creative use for the re-use water such as irrigation on parks, gardens, agricultural crops etc.

Netafim offer a complete range of services to ensure that any commercial onsite project has the complete package to ensure its success.

These services include:

  • Project Development Services are aimed at assisting clients with new irrigation developments, ensuring the best solutions are achieved at each stage of a project.
  • Design Services offering clients and consultants CID (Certified Irrigation Designers by IAA) work to design all hydraulic calculations for a project.
  • Controller Support Services are aimed at ensuring the efficient and sustained operation of the automation system as an integral part of the overall irrigation system.
  • System Review Services involves reporting on research of an irrigation/ dispersal system by calculating hydraulics in field tests together with reviewing existing designs.

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