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The Netafim re:SOURCE Division has extensive global experience in water re-use from small domestic systems to large commercial onsite projects. Our products and services are designed and packaged into solutions to suit any situation and environment. Every product developed for greywater applications are designed to adhere to government regulations from both an environmental and health perspective.

What is Greywater

Greywater is considered wastewater from the hand basin, shower, bath, washing machine and laundry tub. It is not the water from the toilet, kitchen sink or dishwasher. Water from the kitchen is generally too high in grease and oil to be re-used successfully without treatment. There are two types of greywater systems for the domestic market, they both require local government approvals for each system and each state government has guidelines for installation; Greywater Diversion systems either gravity or pumped. Greywater Treatment systems which upgrade water quality in the process and provide more flexibility in terms of re-use applications.

All greywater diversion systems MUST use by law a sub-surface irrigation system such as drip irrigation. It is recommended to check greywater diversion and greywater treatment systems approvals as they vary between local and state governments across Australia.

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Overview of the System

The greywater diversion/ treatment system collects all the greywater from the house to one central location. These greywater diversion/ treatment systems must by law in all states be connected to sewer in the event of system failures.

After the greywater passes from the grey water diversion/ treatment system it enters into the Netafimís drip dispersal which delivers a slow and precise application evenly throughout the garden or turf area. The soil is the perfect environment for further treatment of the effluent and delivers essential nutrients and moisture to the grass and plants. The Netafim dripperline is made of flexible polyethylene tubing with evenly spaced emitters.

Domestic Detail Drawings
Domestic Layout Drawings
Domestic Manuals and Check Lists

Re:Source Greywater Brochure (adobe acrobat)

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