Water is used in many industrial processes, for cooling, washing and incorporation into products. Industry accounts for almost a quarter of worldwide water use and this figure will increase as economic development advances.

Typical industrial uses of reuse water might include cooling, boiler feed, stack scrubbing, and process water. The quality of the reclaimed water needed for industrial purposes greatly depends on the specific industry and its product. For example, the use of reuse water in the paper and pulp industry is a function of the quality of the paper being produced. The higher the grade of paper, the greater its sensitivity to the quality of the water used to produce it. Examples of industrial applications include;

  • Winery processing
  • Pulp Mills
  • Food Processing plants
  • Dairies
  • Feedlots
  • Piggeries
  • Mining

Netafim offer a complete range of services to ensure that any industrial onsite project has the complete package to ensure its success.
These services include:

  • Project Development Services are aimed at assisting clients with new irrigation developments, ensuring the best solutions are achieved at each stage of a project.
  • Design Services offering clients and consultants CID (Certified Irrigation Designers by IAA) work to design all hydraulic calculations for a project.
  • Controller Support Services are aimed at ensuring the efficient and sustained operation of the automation system as an integral part of the overall irrigation system.
  • System Review Services involves reporting on research of an irrigation/ dispersal system by calculating hydraulics in field tests together with reviewing existing designs.
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