Our company offers the best in water re-use and reclimation.


What Netafim ® re:SOURCE® offers.

The re:SOURCE division offers the expertise and experience of projects globally using water re-use products and services to determine the best outcome for any given project. Our drip irrigation products that suit the water reuse market have overcome the water quality challenges and government regulations from both the environmental and health perspectives allowing flexibility in design and applications.

The focus markets that Netafim® re:SOURCE® division are:

Examples of application:

  • Domestic Greywater Diversion Devices (GWDD) ulitising households grey water sources
  • Domestic Greywater Treatment Systems ulitising households grey water sources
  • Domestic ‘onsite’ dispersal systems from a AWTS (Aerated Water Treatment System)
  • Commercial sites requiring ‘onsite’ dispersal such as caravan parks, service stations etc
  • Multi- dwelling housing developments ulitising re-use water for various applications
  • Industrial applications such as feedlots, dairies, piggeries, food processing and cooling systems
  • Agricultural- row crops, tree crops, vineyards
  • Tree plantation for dispersal
  • Public open space such as medium strips, gardens and parks
  • Sports fields
Dripperline Selection

The below table recommends which dripperline to use for each water reuse application. This will be site specific and is recommend as a guide only.

Water Reuse TypeGarden Turf Agricultural
Greywater DiversionBioline (Tiran)Not recommended n/a
Greywater TreatmentBioline AS Bioline ASn/a
Domestic Onsite (min secondary treated)UniBioline CNL* UniBioline CNL*n/a
Commercial Onsite UniBioline ASUniBioline ASUniBioline AS
IndustrialUniBioline AS UniBioline AS UniBioline AS
Municipal UniBioline ASUniBioline ASUniBioline AS

* not recommended in frost prone areas- use Bioline AS


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M2 Rain Tanks

M2 Rain Tank Installations is committed to marketing quality products and delivering the finest workmanship. The team consists of qualified plumbers and electricians, who will ensure that all installations are carried out to the highest standards.

Here at M2 Rain Tank Installations we supply a very large range of rainwater harvesting products which include rainwater tanks, pressure pumps, automatic changeover devices, underground water tanks, level indicators, filters, strainers, first flush systems, leaf eaters and much more.

M2 Rain Tank Installations is an agent for over twelve different rainwater tank manufacturers, including well-known brands like: Polymaster, Nylex, Tankworld, Tankmasta, TeamPoly, Clark Tanks, Water Wall Solutions and more.

M2 Rain Tank Installations is a one-stop shop for all your rainwater needs, and provides on-site consultations and free professional advice. Not only can we supply you with a new rainwater tank system or treatment plant, but we can also arrange the installation of your products with little fuss and to the highest standards.

Customer satisfaction will be of utmost importance and ongoing service assured.

The future in Water Conservation and Reusable energy.
Rain water tank packages, Solar hot water systems.

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Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

The safer, more reliable, more economical, approved Wastewater Recycling System. The Aqua-nova ® is a two tank system which provides the latest in aerated wastewater treatement through a multi stage digestion process using naturally occuring bacteria and enzymes.

In the primary stage, treatment is anaerobic, where bacteria thrive in an oxygen free zone, and the breakdown of solid waste is performed. From here the waste is sent to the second stage where air is continually supplied to bacteria providing aerobic treatment to complete the total digestion process.

At this point the wastewater passes through a clarifying process into the disinfection chamber where any remaining pathogenic bacteria are destroyed. Finally the now clean, clear and disinfected water is delivered by an integral submersible pump with automatic level control to a selected irrigation system in the landscaped garden beds or other dispersion areas.

Standard Specifications Polymer Polymer with Riser Concrete (QLD & Northern NSW ONLY)
Primary treatment tank height 1875mm 2205mm 2115mm
Primary treatment tank diameter 1885mm 1885mm 1785mm
Primary treatment tank weight 130kg 145kg 2690kg
Secondary treatment tank height 1875mm 2205mm 2115mm
Secondary treatment tank diameter 1885mm 1885mm 1785mm
Secondary treatment tank weight 320kg 335kg 2880kg

*Please Note: Heights and weights may vary for non-standard systems

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